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Welcome and thank you for visiting the homepage of Geumo Folk Museum.

The numbers of museums in a country may show the historical consciousness, the identity, and the cultural level of a nation.
United States and Germany has 5,000 or more museums, including art galleries. Even Japan, the very near Korea, has nearly 4000 museums. Compared to these countries, Korea has just about 400 museums. In addition, those countries have made museums as a part of programs in public education.
In these social backgrounds, Geumo Folk Museum has opened in May, 2003, in the purpose of being a home of the culture for the leisure time. And our museum is authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in October 8, 2003, with a registered number of 282.
Geumo Folk Museum is consisted of 5 pavilions according to the subjects of displayed items, and operates social education programs such as traditional dyeing, arts and craft with straw and grasses, Korean traditional games, traditional life history, and any other experiencing programs.
With these programs, the museum will try to restore the lives of our ancestors and run additional programs like making a village for experiencing the life history, building a folk park, moving and/or restoring traditional houses, growing traditional herbs, cultivating environmental areas, opening a performance hall, and so on.
Geumo Folk Museum and workers here promise to do our best to keep and hand down the culture of life history from ancestors for the advanced traditional culture.
Once again, thank you very much.