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2005. 9 Published a textbook for experiencing education “Traditional life culture and experiencing education”
2005. 8 Hosted a family experience camp for a summer vacation, cooperated with the National Folk Museum
2004. 11 Published a picture archive “the Households and furniture of ancient people”
2004. 10 Held a special exhibition “Wooden Household Furniture in Yeongnam Area”
2004. 8 Hosted a family experience camp for a summer vacation
* Dyeing with natural clay
* Building a rock tower
2004. 8 Appeared in the textbook “Let’s go for experiencing” for the elementary school students, published by Gumi Educational Agency
2004. 1 Hosted a family experience camp for a winter vacation
* making traditional Ddeok
* making Sotdae
* Coloring Bongsan Mask
2003. 10 Opened the Institute for the Traditional Natural Dyeing
2003. 10. 6 Registered with the number 282, authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
2003. 6 Opened experiencing school for traditional life history
2003. 5
Exhibited natural dyeing art works, operated by GumiSi
2003. 5. 3
Opened Geumo Folk Museum
2002. 8
Leased the land and building from Gumi Educational Agency

*Developing a village for experiencing traditional life history ? moving and/or restoring traditional houses, experiencing traditional life history, and so on
* Making a folk park ? rock towers, Jangseung, Sotdae, old stone artworks
* Preparing enough lodging ? experiencing Korean traditional houses
* Preparing restaurants ? restoring old foods in Joseon Age
* Breeding cattle ? breeding chickens, cows, horses and so on
* Making a cart depository ? experiencing Korean cow cart and horse?riding
* Growing traditional herbs ? indigos, gardenias, cottons, and barleys