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We do accept donations for displaying, education, and researching. Donations are not hard and complex. Donations have the meaning of returning inheritances to society, and by displaying people can share and research for the traditional lives within.

Accepting donations : all around the year
Subjects for donations
  - household goods, artworks made with straws and grasses, folk art works, dresses in daily lives, and any other materials about lifestyle and traditional inheritances
Use of donated materials
  - Register as displayed items in museum and use them for displaying, education, and researching
- Publish research works
- Restore and fix with budgets from the museum
- If consigned, managing the items by sanitizing and restoring
Benefits for contributions
  - An appreciation plaque and enlarged pictures or reproductions of donated items
- Registration as a member of the museum
- Invitation to special events and distributions of archives and research works
- Free admissions
- Discounts for cultural goods
Information and question for donations
  Tel. 054) 481-9194 Fax. 054) 481-9190
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