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  The membership service is for people who registered as a member and paid membership fees. By adopting membership service
1) Assure members’ persistent interests
2) Educate people as a social education organization
3) Change as a cultural center
4) Publicize to people

  1) Private members(Students in kindergarten, elementary/middle/high school, adults) ? Yearly membership fee required
2) Group members(supporting organizations, clubs, institutions) - Yearly membership fee required
3) Family members - Yearly membership fee required
4) Life?long members - Life-long membership fee required
5) Honorary members(donators and contributor to the museum) - No membership fee

  1) 50% Discounts for admissions
2) Invitations for special events
3) Subscriptions for the regular museum newspaper
4) Volunteering works if wished
5) 10~20% Discounts for cultural goods from the museum
6) 20% Discounts for experiencing programs
7) 20% Discounts for tuition fees from the museum school programs
8) Offering a convention hall (for group members)

  1) Private members - Yearly membership fee 50000Won (KRW)
2) Family members (for a family with 4 members) - Yearly membership fee 180000Won (KRW)
3) Group members - Yearly membership fee 40000Won (KRW) for each member
4) Life-long members- 1000000Won or more for a person

If interested in membership service, please contact us.