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Natural dyeing is the work of dyeing with natural materials from animal, plants, and minerals.

Nowadays, the more the world focuses on the nature and environment, the more natural dyeing gets attention from people because of its environment-friendly dyeing with less pollution.
Natural dyeing is done by the process: preparing dyeing (selecting and preparing materials)- preparing fabrics - abstracting undiluted dyeing - dyeing - rinsing - mordanting - additional dyeing.
With these processes, natural dyeing gives us the very natural and friendly colors from natural materials.
Environment - and nature-friendly natural dyeing follows the basic rule of the nature: the recycling begins and ends in the nature. It finds dyeing materials in nature and it returns all back to nature.

Experiencing traditional natural dyeing

: Handkerchief (50x50)
Medium : Tablecloth (70x70)
Large : T-shirts
Dyeing with tie-dyeing process
Tools : Rubber gloves, Indoor shoes, Aprons

Experiencing folk art with traditional natural dyeing

Novice (2 Months~)
: simple and small fabric wares for kitchen
Intermediate (4 Months~) : Patchwork wrapping fabrics with sewing techniques
Advanced (6 Months~) : Making of clothes and quilting with patchwork techniques

*Time in a course can be changed/arranged according to the efforts and conditions of participants. Also specific subjects in a course can be changed.