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Rice straw is consisted of stems, joints, leaves, and the stems of ears, and it insulates warmth from outer temperatures.

Long time age, poor people could have survived in a cold winter using straw. It is because straw has a pipe?like hole, full of air which keeps the same temperature regardless of outside temperature.
Ways of using straw are various: using as raw, trimming, pounding, and moistening. When thatching roofs or making ropes, people use straw by trimming them. People use straw by pounding when they make mats, dishes for grains, bags, straw-shoes, and any other tools requiring soft trimming. Moistening straw is used when people make craft works because moistening prevents straw from breaking.
The first step for art and craft with straw and grasses is processing straw for its purpose. And then, making of ropes is the next. If got familiar with straw, participants can make mesh bag from straw. Mats, bags, and three-ply ropes require 2 or more people to make them. Particularly, three-ply ropes need 3 or more people to make more strong and durable ropes than normal straw ropes.