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The tea has plain tastes, thus it gives no impact to the people who drink the tea for the first time. However, the tea gives 5 tastes if enjoying it calmly: bitterness, astringency, sourness, saltiness, and sweetness.

He first taste come from the tea is bitterness. Sweetness lasts for a long time. The basic set for drinking tea is consisted of a tea pot, a spouting bowl, a tea cup, a cup saucer, and a bowl for cleaning. This experiencing program is for stamping traditional patterns on Dapo, a cover for the tea table.

Sipjangsaeng patterns

- Sipjangsaeng is the sun, mountain, rock, water, cloud, pine tree, herb of eternal youth, tortoise, crane, and deer. This pattern is used in folk paintings, embroidery, lacquered furniture, ceramic wares, wooden art works, and so on. This pattern represents the spirit of orientalism, showing the longing wish, the long?lasting life.

Bat patterns

- Chinese letters meaning a bat is used as a pattern replacing a Chinese word meaning happiness. Usually bat patterns are used on jewelry, ornaments of furniture, buildings, and dishes like Ddeoksal. The twins of a bat pattern means the happiness come in double, while 5 bat patterns mean 5 fortunes.

Lotus patterns

- Lotus means great compassion and great mercy in Buddhism. The origin of lotus pattern is from the oriental and some people believe that the lotus pattern is from the religion worshipping the sun. In Buddhism, the symbol is the lotus flower and people use the patterns in many areas of Buddhism.

The order of stamping traditional patterns

1. Prepare materials : Dapo, the ink stone, the ink, cotton swabs, pattern plates, newspapers, and tapes.
2. Lay the newspaper. Lay Dapo on the newspaper and pattern plates on Dapo. Fix the plate not to move using tapes or thumbstacks.
3. With water, grind the ink in the ink stone. Grind the ink thick not to splash.
4. Dip the cotton swab into the ink and softly hit the plate on Dapo.
5. Dry Dapo after stamping after hitting the pattern.
6. Dried Dapo can be used after ironing.