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  Gumi area is located in western south area in Gyeongsang-Buk-Do, residing Chilgok-Gun in eastern south, Gimcheon-Si in west, Sangju-Si in North, and Gunui-Gun and Euseong-Gun in eastern north side. Since the area is near Nakdong-River, the agriculture on the paddy field is more advanced than the agriculture on the dry field. The development of the agriculture brings the development of farming tools.

This pavilion 1 displays farming tools used in a period of a year.
In the order people use, plowing tools (Jaenggi, Garae, Sueseurang)
-soil-trimming tools (Sseoare, Gombangmae, Gomurae)
-seeding tools (Jongdaraeggi, Ssiat Mangtaegi, Ssiojaengi)
-fertilizing tools (Janggun, Georeumdae, Samtaegi, Bunnyo Bagaji, Sajichang)
-weeding toold (Homi, machines for weeding)
-water-supplying tool (Matdure) -harvesting tools (Nat)
-sweeping tools (Doriggae, Talgokgi)
-drying tools (Meongseok, Neokgarae)
-pounding toold (Maetong, Jeolgu) are displayed.

Furthermore tools for livestock breeding, measuring tools and other basic tools. If looking around the pavilion 1 along the pre-arranged ways, people can see the agricultural period of 1 year,
The showcase in pavilion 1 uses straw to cover the stands. It gives special mood to feel like a special museum and it shows the awareness of the agricultural culture. Visitors can touch and operate some of displayed items.