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  By growing rice, people use the grains for foods and straw for making stuff needed in daily life.
In fact, Korean people don’t use the word “Jip (straw)” for all stems of plant. It is only for stems of grains plants like rice. It shows the importance of grains for Korean. People use straw by trimming, or as the raw straw. Raw straw is used for fuel or fertilizer and trimmed straw is used for goods in a life, clothes, shoes, or materials for building.

<The structure of rice - heads, straw, roots >

This pavilion shows art and craft works made with straw.
Straw is used in broad ways from for storing grains (Jipdok, Saataegi, Jige) to for living goods (Jipsin, Kongnamul Siru). When making, people considered the beauty and used a paper mulberry, the straw of wheat and barley, hemp, or the skins of bush clovers to make a design.
Since straw rots in a short time, a part of displayed items are restored items. These are made by old people in Goyo-Ri, Mungyeong-Eup in Mungyeong-Si as living goods used today.