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  People wear different clothes according to the seasons or situations. And people wear clothes to protect their body, to show the class of people, or to make themselves beautiful. From the ancient time, people have used fabrics made of plants such as hemp, ramie, or cotton. Fabrics made from animals like silk were very expensive so that it is exclusively for rich people.

In traditional society, mothers learned weaving when they were young and couldn’t quit ir for their lifetime.

Sewing and laundry is the part of our life. In this pavilion, tools for weaving such as Ssia, Mulre, Nalteul, Samsol, Beteul, and other parts of tools are displayed along the process of weaving. Other tools for managing clothes like Darimi, Indu, Sutdarimi and Dadeumi?Dae are also displayed. And in order to help the understanding of clothes worn in old ages, clothes worn by common people are displayed with a variety of shoes and hats. This pavilion also shows naturally dyed fabrics with the explanations of traditional natural dyeing.