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  Now we have a mixer, a grinder, or a mill around us. However the mothers of our ancestors should mix and grind by themselves using Maetdol, Dolhwak, and/or Jeolgu. Maetdol is a grinder for beans for tofu, buckwheat, and corns. Dolhwak is mid-sized tool between Maetdol and Jeolgu and used for grinding small amounts of grains in the combination of Pyotdol used for pounding garlic and peppers. Jeolgu is a pounding tool for grains and condiments and consisted of Jeolgu-Tong (a basket) and Jeolgu-Gongyi (a hammer). Didil-Banga is a more advanced tool than Jeolgu. People believed that Didil?Banga is not only a tool for grinding, but also a kind of holy tool to keep the evils off. Hangari, a clay ware, is very ordinary but has the beauty of tolerating everything. Hangari can easily match with the environment around us, looking like a clay or soil wall and matching together with the sun and clouds. Many Hangari different in colors and shapes and placed in the kitchen, on Jangdokdae, in the store?room, or in the hall of house make comfort mood and bring the placidity to us.